Best addiction treatment offered by Parivartan Foundation, the leading rehab centre in Mahipalpur

Addiction is a real problem, and without even realizing many people fall into the trap of addiction. It is tough to come out of this rat hole without professional help. Join Parivartan Foundation, the leading rehabilitation centre in Mahipalpur.

Addiction treatment offered at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mahipalpur

At our de-addiction centre in Mahipalpur, we offer you the following addiction treatment:

1. Alcohol addiction

Alcohol is one of the most common addictions found in people these days. It can lead to financial instability and other health hazards. We have a team of doctors and medical staff to help you get rid of alcohol addiction and start a new life.

2. Drug addiction

Another most common type of addiction often seen in young adults and teenagers is drug addiction. So to help out such people, we offer a secure and comfortable environment, 24 hours care, counselling, therapies, and detoxification.

3. Dual diagnosis treatment

When a person is suffering from substance abuse and psychiatric issues, dual diagnosis treatment is considered the perfect solution. We at our de-addiction centre in Mahipalpur offer you medications and time to time counselling and therapy sessions to keep you mentally stable and cope with the changes. Along with this, every morning, we have yoga and meditation sessions to keep you both physically and mentally fit.

4. Detox treatment

We offer treatment for alcohol, drug, or any other substance misuse. Our prime target is to remove the toxins from the body of the individual. Our treatment program is quite effective and has a success recovery rate of more than 85%. We follow a 12 step program approach, which includes yoga, meditation counselling, and therapies.

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