Parivartan Foundation the best and most reliable rehabilitation centre in CR Park

Choosing the wrong Nasha Mukti Kendra for your addiction treatment can be quite painful. It can deteriorate your condition and can result in increased chances of relapse. So, you need to keep a proper check on the treatment approach, facilities, and ambiance offered at a Rehab centre in CR Park.

Parivartan Foundation is the first choice of every addict.

Parivartan Foundation is one of the best de-addiction centres in CR Park. With a success recovery rate of 80.98%, we have helped many patients start a new addiction-free life. At our de-addiction centre in CR Park, you will find the following key features that make us the unique and first choice of every patient.

1. A positive and stable environment

For addiction treatment, a positive and friendly environment is a must. So, at our rehab centre in CR Park, we make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

2. Day to day activities

At our rehabilitation centre in CR Park, we follow a few sets of day-to-day routine activities that are mandatory for every patient to follow. This helps in incorporating healthy lifestyle habits in addicts.

3. Counselling and therapy

At our Nasha Mukti Kendra in CR Park, we give a complete focus on counselling and therapy sessions. You can connect to a certified counsellor therapist on any day and discuss our problem with them.

4. Community support

We here focus on building a community where people can learn from the experiences of others. There are talk shows, seminars, and meet-ups with the ex-addicts to help them stay motivated.

5. Privacy complete confidentiality

We maintain the complete confidentiality of the patient, and no information is shared with anyone without your permission.

So, without wasting any time, get in touch with our experts to book an appointment.